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Winswood Miniature Herefords: You wouldn’t believe it!

We had to build a fence yesterday, in a pretty large paddock.DSCN5131DSCN5130

Our first hole for our first post, we hit an inch and a half irrigation pipe. An old line, it was still connected to the tank but we didn’t know where it ran or how far. DSCN5132


As I said – You wouldn’t believe it!!


Winswood Miniature Herefords : A thought for today.

Winswood Miniature Herefords : A Calf is Born

Winswood Miniature Herefords : New Legs


Winswood Miniature Herefords : Tired boys.

The boys have had a big day doing important things like chasing their ball, keeping the magpies out of the garden, looking for eggs in the chook pen, and annoying Ben, the cat. They’ve shed hair and dirt on the floor, eaten their fair share of calf poo and chewed on the odd ancient bone. Life as an Aussie Shepherd is full on!


Tired boys

Winswood Miniature Herefords :Good Friday happy snaps.


Three generations – Lucy, Daisy and Bessie


Winswood Miniature Herefords : Not bad for 1/2 hr old!

Oatmeal had her calf this afternoon. DSCN5084DSCN5085

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