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Winswood Miniature Herefords – Snow

I’d been wanting to take the boys to the snow for a while and yesterday was our chance. Snow2


And Loy Yang Power Station was working pretty hard to keep everybody warm.

Snow7 Loy Yang

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Winswood Miniature Herefords – Sunrise from the Cottage

It was a stunning and dramatic sunrise yesterday and Johnnie captured it just in time. No filters, no fancy footwork, just a bloke and his camera. (Told you he was clever!)Cottage Sunrise

Winswood Miniature Herefords: Johnnie is very clever

The other night we were putting the chooks to bed and John snapped this shot. DSC_3953

These were created by Josh Crocker, one of those clever people who can turn junk into sculpture. Mr Rooster and Mrs Hen are perched over the arch to the hen house.

Winswood Miniature Herefords-The water has arrived.


Luke and Mack had a great morning chasing wallabies and magpies. We have a resident magpie in the garden who swoops us in spring and the boys have a particular intolerance after being harassed last year. DSCN4830

And, after a soggy weekend, the bulls and steers are enjoying the intermittent sunshine. DSCN4833DSCN4831

Winswood Miniature Herefords – A cardboard box can be ‘oh so comfy’…


Winswood Miniature Herefords: Isabella


We’d like you to meet Isabella. She is the sweetest, cutest, most gorgeous little girl with oodles of personality. AND the best hairdo!DSCN4822

Winswood Miniature Herefords – So, where are we now??

19 of our cattle were sent to the sale yards on Monday and, yes, we got a good price because they were in beautiful condition and in calf. I don’t know who bought them and I can’t afford to ask. On this property we only haveĀ  2 bulls, Lucy and Daisy, Lola and Isabella and 6 heifers who are going to Heath in Harkaway next week.

The mini’s – Abbey, Annie, Pam, Rosebud and the others will have to come home from the New Farm in about 6 weeks so we can shut it up to grow hay. It’s a juggling act trying to balance the few bales of hay we have left, with hanging onto our best breeders, to trying to predict if we’ll have water to keep everything going. The creek is nearly at the pool we pump from but is pretty sludgy and dirty as the flow is poor. The bore contractors are coming back but can’t give us a date – end of July? sometime in August?? and will they even find water when they get here?

I want you to know that winter hasn’t bought us any relief from the lack of rain and although there is a green tinge over the paddocks, there is no growth and no ground water. Yep, it’s cold and it LOOKS like it’s raining but the rain gauge is telling me that this winter is going be tougher than ever. My cattle are warm and well fed, and thank goodness for our tough little mini’s who don’t need much to keep them going. But if I have to send this last remaining lot to the sale yards, I will never recover our herd and will give up farming as I can’t absorb the heartbreak anymore.

I try to keep the blog positive but at the coalface it’s frightening and we are running out of options.

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